The Modern Hot Flow Yoga sequence. Whatever your experience (or lack of it), our sequence is a full-body workout for every level, including beginners. In addition to our on-demand classes providing a great workout, they also offer an opportunity to improve your form and breathing with our detailed easy to follow instruction. The more you practice, the better you'll become - increasing your enjoyment and the results!

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Unlimited Modern Yoga

Our Modern sequence. Add music & a little heat to increase the benefits and enjoyment!

Unlimited classes on demand anytime & anywhere. More classes coming very soon with other Modern instructors.

Cancel anytime with no long term commitment - other than the one you make to yourself to be fitter, healthier & happier!

**If you are a Modern member, your membership is on hold. This is a different platform and requires you to sign up separately. As a result, We are not able to combine this with your Modern membership.